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Using the order form in the stocklist

Open the stocklist (click here to open ), click on the asset you wish to order and press the order button. A form will appear asking for your contact details. Fill in the form and press the order button within the form to submit your request.

Using a phone

You can also place your order by phone. We're a real company with real people. We like to talk to our customers.

If you call us, and we can't take your call, leave a message on our voicemail! We'll get back to you as soon as possible.

For phone orders call +49 151 14 73 83 83


You will benefit by our implied safe delivery insurance. The insurance is free of conditions.

Note, however, that you must be over the age of 18 and of legal drinking age in your local jurisdiction to order at our website.

We delivery worldwide.

We ship at our risk, not yours.

In the very unlikely event that a bottle is lost or broken in transit, we'll replace your order immediately. If for any reason we can't replace it, we'll refund you in full.

We ship all over the world.

Delivery is discreet and insured. Plus, we deliver straight to your door!

Free shipping

There are no fees. We ship free worldwide.

Tips for professional storage

Spirits, fortified wines and Tokaji, must be stored in an upright position so that the liquid doesn't come into contact with the cork. However, cork is not a material with an infinite lifespan, and if it doesn't come into contact with the liquid, it can dry out.

Turn your bottle gently to the side once or twice a year in order to keep the cork moist. Some bottles, especially Calvados, are sealed with wax to prevent the cork from leaking as it ages and dries out. If there is no wax seal, using parafilm is a good way to protect your liquid from evaporation.

The ideal storage location is a cellar with a constant temperature. However, bottles should be stored in the shade and in a cool place without extremes of temperature.

For spirits, room temperature is fine as long as it is constant.

Wines like cooler places with temperatures below 18°C (65°F). Avoid a humid environment, as the labels may suffer and come off the bottle.

Information about opening and handling

As soon as spirits come into contact with air, they begin to deteriorate and evaporate. The more air there is in the bottle, the faster this will happen.

It's OK to store an open bottle for about six months before this deterioration becomes noticeable. To slow down the process, you can transfer the contents to a smaller bottle to keep the air/liquid ratio as low as possible.

But even though an open bottle will deteriorate with age, it's still fine to drink. It's just that you may notice a difference in taste as the months go by.

Tokaji, Sherry, Massandra and Madeira are all very stable wines and can be enjoyed for months after opening. These wines have been exposed to oxidation during their ageing process, so air can't do much damage to them.

However, we recommend decanting them into smaller bottles as soon as the bottle is half empty. Once decanted, a Vintage Port should be drunk fairly quickly. Colheita and Garrafeira will last a few weeks.

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