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Jörg Matzdorff, founder and owner of the German wine trading company Tokajneum (www.tokajneum.com), which has specialised in Tokaji wines since 1999, began collecting and investing in antique wines and spirits in 2005.

In conjunction with my regular wine business, I began to expand my collection portfolio to include fine wines and spirits with outstanding longevity, but also investment potential. Not just a financial investment, but an investment in pleasure.
~ Jörg Matzdorff

Jörg Matzdorff in Miami 2023

Antique liquids are our passion

We're proud to offer a carefully curated selection of some of the world's finest antique wines and spirits to fellow connoisseurs and enthusiasts. It's this passion that drives us to relentlessly search for unique and rare bottles to share with our customers and preserve a piece of history.

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Jörg Matzdorff in Monaco 2013

Decades of experience

With decades of experience in the market, we've optimized our skills in sourcing, handling and preserving antique wines and spirits. Working with collectors, auction houses and vendors around the world, we've developed a deep understanding of the real value of each bottle.

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A selection of antique wines and spirits

Varied selection

Whether you are looking for a rare Cognac, an antique Rum or a unique Whisky, we've something to suit every taste and occasion. We carefully select each bottle based on its quality, rarity and historical significance, so you can be sure you're getting the very best.

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